Wholesale Enquires

As a brand, we are open to helping provide discounted prices to wholesale orders above a value of £200. Smaller wholesale orders have a processing time of 2 - 7 working days (depending on the availability of the products requested), whilst larger orders are subject to a processing time of up to 21 - 35 working days (in some cases, they can be processed sooner - depending on product availability). Just as with regular orders, we ship internationally.
We do not offer logo customisation services, however we do offer customisation services involving packaging (e.g. gift wrapping). 
If interested in making a wholesale order with us, or if you simply would like to find out more about the wholesale services we offer, leave your contact details below and we will get back to you within 2 working days. In the comment section, include details about your specific product requests, quantities and destination location (city). We look forward to hearing from you!